Mt Sinai/Jebel el Lawz

by Mary Nell Wyatt

One of the questions we are asked frequently is about Bob Cornuke and his claim that he and Larry Williams found Mt. Sinai at Jebel el Lawz.

In order to set the record straight concerning these claims, I have prepared the following:

A timeline of events which show the date of Ron's discovery and of Mr. Cornuke and Mr. William's "rediscovery, with documentation;

Documentation of 2 proposed contracts sent to Ron by Mr. Howard Blum, who wrote a fictionalized account the Cornuke/Willams discovery of Mt. Sinai, in which he comments on Ron's discovery of the mountain. An attempt to, by deception, obtain permission to use our materials to promote his book.

A statement with photos concerning statements made in "The Gold of Exodus" about a radar station at the mountain;