The Tower of Babel

by Mary Nell Wyatt

The "tower of Babel" is a very important subject even though the account given in the Bible consists of just a very few verses. The discoveries of the last 150 years have shed tremendous light on the Biblical account and shown how completely accurate it is, but the one thing that can "pull it all together", so to speak, is the subject we will now discuss. Almost every civilization on earth has had it's version of the flood story, but what evidence is there of the great dispersion of Noah's family across the face of the earth? What evidence is there that the great division of languages- their "birth", so to speak"- occurred at Babel? For a long time, Ron has been interested in searching for the location of Babel, but the other projects dominated his time so completely that he never had the opportunity to follow up on it. But recently, he has begun field work, searching for the remains of the infamous tower.

In Oct. of 1990, he and Richard Rives first visited the region of southern Turkey above the Syrian border where the Euphrates River exits the Taurus mountains. Richard wanted to visit Nemrut Da ("da" means "mountain"), the burial site of the Seleucid king, Antiochus Epiphanes (62-32 BC) in order to examine the vast array of pagan statues there. Nemrut Da is located at the edge of the Taurus Mountains in the region Ron wanted to search for Babel, so off they went. After examining Nemrut Da, the two made note of a large "hill" which looked like a "tell" (remains of an ancient city or village covered in soil) off in the distance that they felt should be explored. But pressed for time, they left for Israel. They decided that they would return as soon as possible to explore more.

In August of 1991, they returned to Turkey, accompanied by Dr. Allen Roberts and Marv Wilson, to make an application to excavate Noah's Ark. After meeting with officials and receiving a verbal approval, they were told that the written permit would be issued the next "working day", which would be 4 days later due to a Turkish holiday. At that time, they all decided to go look for the tower of Babel while they waited. Unfortunately, they were taken hostage by terrorists on their way to the region and held for 21 days. After this ordeal, the search for Babel was put "on hold".

It was 4 years later before Ron would consider returning to this still dangerous region. On Nov 30, 1995 he returned and we will present the results of that very exciting 1st investigation. But because of the nature of the subject of Babel, we must study it in light of all of the evidence available, beginning with the Biblical account. Then, we must gather all the evidences and view them in their proper context. Continue