The Geologic Column

by Mary Nell Wyatt

(First Published in newsletter # 8 in 1994)

The earth's surface is composed of layers called "strata". Evolutionists consider the earth to be billions of years old and that life in some form has existed for hundreds of millions of years. They theorize that these layers or "strata" were deposited gradually over long periods of time. The layers also contain fossils which scientists say were the plants and animals that lived during that particular era. Evolutionary scientists all point to this column as the basis for their acceptance of the evolutionary theory.

And, according to the geologic column theory, each strata should be in a certain order- first the oldest, then the second oldest, etc. But the truth is- and the geologists are acutely aware of this- no where on earth is the geologic column model found. The following quote is from a geologist who went to great lengths to protest that although he had to disagree with the accepted theories, he did not want anything in his book to "be taken out of context and thought in any way to support the views of the `creationists'". His quote is not out of context- it is a straightfoward statement that shows the great error of the geologic column: "

Nowhere in the world is the record, or even part of it, anywhere near complete. Even in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River and the adjacent sections along the Little Colorado River, surely the finest record of geological history anywhere on Earth, there are huge breaks. Notable is the complete absence of the Upper Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) and of the Ordovician and Silurian Systems. Devonian strata are only present in local lenses...." ("The New Catastrophism", by Derek Ager, 1993, p. 14).

Throughout the world there are gigantic boulders, some the size of small mountains, which display roundness and smoothness. This "roundness and smoothness" extends all over their surfaces, including underground surfaces which completely eliminates the possibility of wind-driven sand erosion as a complete explanation of their dispostion and condition. There's no doubt that wind-driven sand can shape and round the exposed surfaces of rocks, but it cannot affect the subterranean surfaces. These rocks are not connected to bedrock and bear no relationship to the "geological column". There is nothing taking place on the planet today that could cause this "shaping" of these huge rocks. The only explanation is that they were tumbled, eroded and left scattered over the earth's surface during the cataclysm of the flood. Their massive weight caused them to settle deep into the water-laid sediments of the deluge, when God's hydraulic "tumbling" stopped.

Why do all the scientists believe the geologic column theory, and all the evolutionary ideas? Because they are taught it as fact. They don't think for themselves, but if they did and objected to the theories, they wouldn't graduate. God has provided irrefutable evidence of the Truth of His Word that we all can understand. 

The world is in a terrible mess today, but we have one advantage- our Creator created us not only with a mind capable of reasoning, He also gave us the Holy Spirit to interface with our brain and let us know His Truth. Satan is doing his dead-level best to discredit the Bible. If we sit back and let the "experts" tell us what to believe, Satan wins. But if we go to the Father in the Name and Blood of the Son and ask for wisdom and understanding, He won't let us down. 

ISA 1:18 Come now, and LET US REASON TOGETHER, saith the LORD:...