by Mary Nell Wyatt

(First published in newsletter # 16 in 1996)

There have been numerous "tales" about ark sitings throughout the years- dozens of tales, all different places, all different details, and etc., etc. But a good number of those who still believe the Ark has to be on Mt. Ararat, and have rejected the evidence of the true site, try to make the various stories all point to a favored site on Ararat. There is no need to go over these various stories as they are well known..

But there is one particular story that does need to be discussed at this time. It will demonstrate quite clearly how tall tales "get taller" and why we must be so very careful.

One person Ron took to the ark site became convinced it was the true ark. (I won't mention his name because it is not our intention to point him out- only to make known what occurred and how.) He had read all the "ark tales" and believed one, in particular, had been erroneously reported. He believed it was not a tale about an "ark siting" on Ararat, as the story stated, but that it in fact referred to the real site, 12 miles south of Ararat.

"Reshit, the Kurdish Farmer"

The article is seen at left, but in summary, the Nov. 13, 1948 Associated Press story presents about a Kurdish farmer named "Reshit" who said he saw a ship resembling a house about 2/3 of the way up Mt. Ararat. Supposedly, the unusually warm weather had caused the ice and snow to melt enough that the "prow of a ship" was "protruding into a canyon down which tons of melting ice and snow had been rushing for more than two months".